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Bank of the Ozarks helps you switch ASAP.

Are you concerned that switching banks is a hassle? Bank of the Ozarks wants to prove how simple switching can be. If you’re ready, our ASAP (Account Switch Assistance Professional) experts are ready to help. They make switching painless and even help with the paperwork.

When you make an appointment with one of our ASAP specialists, you immediately discover a higher level of customer service.  They’ll sit with you, explain a few simple steps for switching and can use our unique online tool to gather and submit your contact and account information needed to switch your existing direct deposits and automatic drafts.

Call the banking office you want to visit and make an ASAP appointment. Remember to bring these few things when you come for a visit:

Ready to Switch? Let's Begin!

Just submit the form below and your local ASAP expert will contact you directly to help you get started switching.

Click here to view a demonstration of our online ASAP expert tool.

Our helpful ASAP experts can help you switch in no time!