Investment Management

Portfolio Management

At Bank of the Ozarks, our investment philosophy is focused on providing diversified, high-quality investment administration designed to meet each client's needs. We continually monitor ever-changing market environments, your portfolio and your changing market conditions, and we fine-tune your portfolio to meet your changing needs. The following services are available:

  • Professional investment management and advice
  • Customized investment policy and asset allocation plan to meet your objectives
  • Ongoing review by our Trust Investment Committee
  • Diversification across managers, asset classes and styles
  • Professional execution of trades

Based upon our years of experience and broad range of investing knowledge, we believe that asset class diversification is the soundest way to participate in the market. Asset class diversification helps to diminish volatility while improving the prospects for long-term growth. In our equity allocation, we select individual stocks based on quality and capital appreciation potential, regardless of equity style, and offer additional diversification through mutual funds. Our fixed-income approach seeks to preserve capital, produce income and reduce overall portfolio risk. We examine your liquidity and income requirements in the context of your current tax situation to maximize your after-tax returns.

Our experienced staff can provide the expertise to guide your investment strategy throughout your earning life and beyond. Please contact us for additional information.

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