Overdraft Protection for Business Checking

Bounce Proof Security

We understand that sometimes life throws you a financial curve ball. Bounce Proof Security will save you the embarrassment of a returned check or denied electronic transactions when you make an honest mistake in your checkbook or forget to make a deposit. Instead of returning checks unpaid or declining transactions when you use your VISA Debit Card, we will automatically pay them for you, up to your Bounce Proof Security limit.

  • Bounce Proof Security is a benefit of your checking account.
  • For accounts in good standing, the service will generally pay overdrafts up to your Bounce Proof Security limit with a maximum overdraft of $500. Normal overdraft fees of $35 per item will apply, whether the overdraft is caused by check, in-person withdrawal or electronic means.
  • New accounts must maintain a positive balance and be in good standing for at least 30 days to be approved for Bounce Proof Security.
  • Service may be withdrawn at the Bank's discretion.
  • Overdrafts must be repaid within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bounce Proof Plus overdraft protection

Bounce Proof Plus

Business account holders are automatically enrolled in Bounce Proof Plus upon acceptance into Bounce Proof Security, to use overdraft protection for everyday debit card and ATM transactions. Enrolling in Bounce Proof Plus allows your VISA Debit Card purchases to be approved up to your Bounce Proof limit, even if there isn't enough money available in your account when you make your purchase. Bounce Proof Plus does not cost you anything unless you overdraw your account by using your ATM or VISA Debit Card, and then the standard fee of $35 per item will apply.

Safety Link

Safety Link automatically transfers funds from a Savings, Checking or Money Market account to another deposit account in order to avoid being assessed overdraft charges, which are currently $35 per item. Safety Link transfers the amount needed to cover an overdraft, leaving at least $1 in the account receiving the funds transfer. The fee for Safety Link is $10 per transfer.

To enroll in Safety Link, please go visit the Bank of the Ozarks location nearest you.

For more information about overdrafts and the FDIC's Money Smart Financial Education Program, click here.

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