Questions & Answers


On March 5, 2014, OMNIBANK merged with Bank of the Ozarks, operating under the Bank of the Ozarks name. We understand that you may have questions about your accounts and what it means to be a Bank of the Ozarks customer. We want to provide you with clear, concise information about this transition:

What does this transaction mean to me?

• Your bank deposits, accounts, loans and/or other services have been automatically transferred to Bank of the Ozarks.
• Your deposits are safe, sound and readily accessible.
• Please continue to conduct your banking business as usual and you need not change any of your banking activities. You should continue to make any regular loan payments with your current loan numbers and coupons.
• Your account numbers will remain the same, and you may continue to use your existing checks, debit cards, and other OMNIBANK products and services as normal, including online banking at
• We will notify you in writing in advance if there will be any changes to your accounts or banking activities in the future.
• OMNIBANK employees and customers will still originate accounts using OMNIBANK products and services until the OMNIBANK and Bank of the Ozarks operating systems are combined, which is planned for the fourth quarter of 2014. There will be a period of time from now until the operating systems are combined in the fourth quarter, when the former OMNIBANK offices will operate as Bank of the Ozarks but continue to offer the former OMNIBANK's products and services.

Who is Bank of the Ozarks?

Bank of the Ozarks is a strong and trusted financial institution chartered in 1903. It is noted for its excellent customer service, asset quality and strong earnings. Facts about Bank of the Ozarks:

• Focused on strong banking fundamentals:  excellent customer service, prudent lending practices and sound management.
• Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.
• Named the Top-Performing bank in the nation in its size group three years in a row by the ABA Banking Journal (2011, 2012) and Bank Director (2013).
• Rated as “well capitalized” - the highest available regulatory rating.
• Total assets of $4.79 billion as of December 31, 2013.
• Publicly traded company on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, symbol OZRK.
• Chairman and CEO George Gleason has served in that capacity since 1979 and was named Community Banker of the Year by American Banker (2010).
• Currently operates 140 banking offices in Arkansas (66), Georgia (28), Texas (13), North Carolina (15), Florida (4), Alabama (3), South Carolina (1), New York (1), and California (1).

Do I need to do anything about my OMNIBANK account(s)?

You do not need to do anything at this time. You can continue banking exactly as you did as an OMNIBANK customer. You can continue to access your money by writing checks, using ATM and debit cards or online banking. Checks drawn on OMNIBANK will continue to be accepted. You should also continue to make your loan payments as usual.

How will this affect my account(s) and the way I do my banking?

• This transition will not affect your account(s) or the way you conduct your banking business. Being a Bank of the Ozarks customer means you can expect to have a high level of convenience and customer service unmatched in the marketplace, as well as access to 140 new banking offices throughout the southeast and Texas.
• Advance notice will be given to customers prior to any material change to their account(s).

What about my online banking access?

• Please continue to access your online banking service just as you always have at

Will customers' checking/savings/CD account(s) number change?

• All account numbers will remain the same at this time. If any changes to account numbers are required in the future, we will communicate such changes to any affected customers well in advance of those changes.

What about my direct deposits/Social Security?

• Current arrangements for direct deposit(s), including Social Security checks, will continue as normal without interruption.

What about online banking access?

• You will still continue to access online banking through and no changes to online services will occur until the banking systems are combined, which is planned for the fourth quarter of 2014.

Why did OMNIBANK and Bank of the Ozarks decide to merge?

• This merger brings together two highly regarded, high-performing banks committed to excellence. The bank's increased lending capacity, expanded footprint and capabilities position it well to continue meeting the needs and growing expectactions of customers, shareholders and employees.

How will the merger impact customers?

• The bank's increased lending capacity, expanded footprint and combined technology capabilities will allow us to give our customers better access to the financial resources and the state-of-the-art technology they need to be successful.

What will be the name of the new bank?

• Upon closing, OMNIBANK will adopt the Bank of the Ozarks name and the holding company will be Bank of the Ozarks, Inc.

When will the change be official? How will customers be notified?

• The transaction was officially closed on March 5, 2014. All former OMNIBANK customers will be notified in writing and online.

Should customers expect any changes to the personalized customer service and banking experience they currently enjoy?

• Absolutely not. OMNIBANK and Bank of the Ozarks share similar philosophies and commitments to serving customers with excellence.

Will there be any new products or offerings as a result of the combined banks?

• The combined banks create a stronger organization with the capital, funding, infrastructure and leadership to support continued expansion of products and services, giving our customers access to excellent banking products and technology.