Safe Deposit Box

Bank of the Ozarks offers an affordable solution to ensure important documents and heirlooms are protected from unexpected catastrophes.

Safe deposit boxes are available in a variety of sizes to fit your individual needs. Automatic payments can be set up through your online banking and can be automatically drafted annually.

Visit one of our convenient locations to find out about safe deposit box availability and pricing in your area.

Benefits of a Safe Deposit Box:

  • Preserve and protect important documents and heirlooms
  • A fire and water resistant box provides a secure place to store items you cannot afford to lose
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your important items are safe at all times
  • A proactive solution to an unexpected catastrophe
  • Multiple box sizes available to fit your needs (where available)
  • Automatic draft available for yearly rental

Recommended Items to keep in your Safe Deposit Box:

  • Business Records:
    Copy of Articles of Incorporation
    Copy of TIN
    Copy of Blueprints
    Copy of By-Laws & Charters
    Copy of Trademark & Copyright paperwork
    Copy of Tax Returns
  • Electronic Records:
    Photos of family
    Hard Drives/Flash Drives/DVD’s
    Education Information
    Digital Documents
    Videotape and/or DVD of all valuables in your home
  • Legal Records:
    A copy of your Passport
    Copies of Driver’s Licenses and other valuable items store in your wallet (in case of lost or stolen
    List of Credit Cards & account numbers
    Insurance policies
    Copies of Power of Attorney, Wills and Trusts
    Copies of Tax Returns
  • Personal Records:
    A copy of Social Security Cards
    A copy of Birth Certificates and Adoption paperwork
    A copy of Marriage licenses and Divorce Decrees
    A copy of Military records
    A copy of Vehicle Titles
    Household inventory
    A copy of Real Estate warranty deeds
    Bank and Investment account numbers
    Receipts from big-ticket items in your home
    Home improvement receipts
    A copy of your employment contract
  • Valuables:
    Other hard to replace items
Debit Card