Enhanced Mobile Banking Apps to Help You Manage Your Money!

On August 18, 2014 Bank of the Ozarks launched a new Online Banking experience with a new Mobile Banking solution, including a new app for your smartphone and/or tablet in the Apple App Store and/or Android Marketplace!  

With our new mobile banking solution, managing your money “on the go” will be faster and easier than ever. Plus we’ll be able to provide you with an array of new features, like person-to-person payments with Pop Money, in addition to the existing features you use today. 

Get our new smartphone and tablet Apps! Please visit either the Apple App Store and/or Android Marketplace, search for Bank of the Ozarks, and download the new app for your respective Apple or Android smartphone and/or tablet. 

Please look for this icon when searching for our new smartphone and app:


  • Your Mobile Banking Username will be the same as your new Online Banking Access ID (to learn about your new Online Banking Access ID, click here).  You must enter your Access ID in all lower case letters.
  • After entering your Mobile Banking Username, you will be asked to answer a security question.
  • You will then be asked to enter your Mobile Banking Password, which will be the same Password you established in the new Online Banking system.
  • You are now logged in to Mobile Banking! (Please note: we no longer require a separate PIN for access to Mobile Banking).

You can learn all about our new Mobile Banking service, including the all new features, by watching a short tutorial video below.

You are a valued customer and friend to Bank of the Ozarks.  We thank you for business and your patience during this transition.  We are confident you will be pleased with our new and enhanced Mobile Banking service. 

As always, feel free to contact us, by phone at (800) 274-4482 or email: info@bankozarks.com or in person at your nearest branch. We’re happy to assist and provide information. 

Remember, especially during this transition, while we may communicate with you by email, we will never ask for personal information or ask you to “log in” on a provided link. Your online security is important to us, so when in doubt, give us a call.

Mobile Banking Videos



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