VISA® Debit Card

Every Bank of the Ozarks checking account comes with a free VISA debit card. It’s easier than writing checks, and it’s good online and around the world. You can also track your transactions online. Accessing your money couldn’t be easier.

Bank of the Ozarks VISA check cardYour VISA Debit Card is:

  • Free* with all Bank of the Ozarks checking accounts
  • Instantly issued at account opening
  • Good at stores that do not accept checks
  • Good for mail, phone or Internet purchases

With it you can:

  • Avoid check-writing hassles
  • Enjoy having no interest charges
  • Use it as an ATM Card
  • Get a receipt for all purchases
  • Get the detail of each transaction on your monthly bank statement

Enroll in Bounce Proof Plus by calling 800-274-4482. What is Bounce Proof Plus?

Call or email to request your Debit Card today:
1-800-274-4482  | Email:

Emergency Number for Lost or Stolen Debit Card:

Changing your PIN has never been easier!
Simply call toll-free 1-888-217-3668 and follow the prompts.

* Replacement card fee: $5.00

Debit Card